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Flowers in Pocket



One on one therapy to explore emotions, process events, and challenge behaviors. Working toward a happier and healthier you.


Working with couples to create more secure bonds and attachment between the pair.


Psychoanalytic Process Group to help with relational troubles, self-understanding and interpersonal dynamics in a group setting.

Letter of Support- Gender Confirming Surgery

Single session appointment (more if necessary or requested), for individuals seeking a Gender Confirming Surgery Letter.

*Check WPATH requirements as some surgeries require a letter from a PhD level clinician.


I work with clients in a collaborative way to explore thoughts, emotions and events that lead us to that “stuck” feeling. I enjoy working with clients to connect the mind and body through deep emotional work and love exploring and challenging old emotional learnings that no longer serve you. In doing so, together we work toward more desirable behaviors and responses to life. I relate to clients through compassion, empathy, and humor, but will also gently challenge you when appropriate. I work with adult individuals and couples, and facilitate adult process groups. I feel honored to be a part of someone’s self-understanding and growth process, and if you feel like I may be a good fit for you, then please email me to schedule a consultation. I look forward to our work together!

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